Saturday, February 1, 2014

The American Horn Quartet

The American Horn Quartet was founded in 1982 by four American musicians living and performing in Europe.  Over the past 30 years their popularity as a brass chamber ensemble has skyrocketed.  Although they have mastered the existing repertoire, the AHQ is also active in commissioning new works for horn quartet.  The American Horn Quartet is featured at numerous chamber festivals and brass workshops around the world.

Kerry Turner
Charles Putnam
Geoffrey Winter
Kristina Mascher
David Johnson(founder)

"The Sooners" from Quartet for Horns No. 3 - Kerry Turner


  1. Cool post! I'll never forget hearing mahler corals recorded by AHQ for the first time. They totally blew me away.

  2. Great post Chris ! Just posted about a piece Kerry Turner composed in 1988. He has some great stuff out there.